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 Addictions are more present in our daily life more than we could ever think, some of them are more well known and acknowledged than others. I chose this topic because as people close to me have been affected by them I became more and more fascinated by the different ways the human mind deals with such destructive behaviour.


Addiction N.0

The mind is what controls all of a human’s action, therefore it is possible to say that the addictions shown in this exhibition are connected to this box of thoughts. The gold droplets hanging from the ceiling of this cage intend to show the seed from where an addiction can start and their dimensions indicate the importance the general public would give to them. The intricacy in the web showcases the thoughts occurring in the privacy of our mind and how difficult it might be to comprehend them.

Wood, thread, velcro, paint, PVA glue, gold leafs


Addiction N.1 - Heroin

Heroin is one of the strongest addictions and this piece's objective was to show the power of this drug on a human and his nature.  It wants to communicate the desperation caused by the loss of control and by the violence with which the golden veins and cracks are consuming the hand to an almost not returning point. This exposes the raw and the not so communicated part of something usually romanticised by the big screen, to show the weakness and pain created by the contact with the drug.

Air drying clay, acrylics, syringes


Addiction N.2 - Coffee

Coffee is usually  underestimated when observing addictions. Although it affects a large part of the population, especially the youth. This piece intends to show the integration between the espresso cup and the person using it and its deterioration. The indent, the crack and carved into them as much they are in the little piece of ceramics. Its dimension embodies the importance we give it and how humans underestimate it.

Air drying clay, PVA glue, pigments, gold leafs, coffee beans


Addiction N.3 - Sex

Carnal pleasure is something idolised by people without taking in account how easy it is to become addicted to it. This piece aims to show the dichotomy between the pleasure and the damage to the blood vessels created while giving hickeys to a partner. The individuals have been marked by the touch of the lips of a partner leaving a golden mark which hides the redness from the wound created.

Nikon D5300, Make up, gold leafs


Addiction N.4 - Cigarettes 

Smoking is one of the most known addictions due to how common it is. The lips are sustained by a structure created by cigarette butts, hidden when looking at the sculpture from the front showcasing how easy it is to hide the addiction by saying someone is a “social smoker”. The thick layer composed of ashes and tobacco which covers the lips indicates the addictive behaviour taking over, at the same time the individual is blinded by its beauty covering all the warnings on the packages in gold.

Air drying clay, cigarettes butts, tobacco, PVA glue, gold leafs, cigarettes packages


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